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    제목 : Final 2016 UP Newsletter
  • 작성자 : 송골매
  • 등록일 : 2016-12-19
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December 2016

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Peter Hilger & Adi Seitz in Brazil- big flights on the new UP Summit XC4

Peter Hilger and Adi Seitz are two ultrakeen XC pilots from Germany and Switzerland, respectively. In November they travelled to Brazil to fly big distance, and we sent the brand-new Summit XC4 with them. Both pilots are used to flying the Trango XC3, and since they only had one Summit they had to take turns on it, with Adi flying for the first few days and Peter taking over when Adi had to go home

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Photo: Adi Seitz

Progress report Trango X-Race and Summit XC4

The latest news from the UP glider smithy are very good! We'll begin with the heavy stuff:
  • Summit XC4 now certified in size L
  • Trango X-Race S/M and M production is up-and-running, and the first wings will be meeting their new owners in the 2. half of December!
  • The same is true for the Summit XC4 - first wings to be delivered before New Year!
  • The wings go out as per the ordering sequence - first ordered/first sent. Meaning if you have already ordered some, and they don’t arrive in 2016, then someone else beat you to it on the preordering…

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Photo: Ben Liebermeister/DHV

Brigitte Kurbel - XC demon from Germany

Our favourite XC Lady, Brigitte Kurbel from Germany, is turning into something of a legend in her own right, with four consecutive XContest victories under her belt. Brigittes winning streak began when she got on a Trango XC2 some years ago, and she's been going hard ever since.
This season Brigitte flew the Trango XC3, and wrapped it up again! We're proud to have Brigitte on our team!!!
Click on the button below to see Brigittes 2016 flights on the Trango XC3:

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Jose "Nacho" Robledo and Petr Koz´isek getting ready to go big from their respective home sites; Lijar in Andalucia and Ran´a in the Czech Republic

UP XC Fever 2016 wrap-up

We caught up with the winners of the UP XC Fever, to try and learn a bit more about these two guys, what makes them tick and not least what they can tell us about their respective UP wings. Click on the button to read the full story, then eat your heart out for not having gone for it this season ;-)

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Coupe Icare video, made by UP Team Pilot Philip Frauenlob

Another UP Team Pilot, Philip Frauenlob, went on a road trip to France to eventually reach St. Hilarie for the 2016 Coupe Icare. On the way he documented his travels with a video camera, and back home again edited a little gem of a video. It isn't specifically UP as such, but it does a great job of conveying that feeling which keeps all of us coming back for more, year after year. We'd like to celebrate that feeling, by sharing the video with you guys! Click on the button to view it on Vimeo:

Happy New Year

While some of our friends and partners out there may not do much in the way of Christmas celebrations, just about everyone celebrates the coming of the New Year - so Happy New Year everyone, we hope it'll be a great one for you, regardless of the plans you have!
Best regards from UP Paragliders!

We hope you have enjoyed a glimpse of what we had on our minds for you this time around, till the next time please fly safely and HAVE FUN, whatever your game is!

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